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Quarry Animal Zero Fold: The Chaconne Project

Flyer for Quarry Animal Zero Fold: The Chaconne Project

Trustee Performance by 2021 Trustee Professor Kristen Case and 2020 Trustee Professor Steve Pane

April 21st, 12:00pm-1:00pm

Emery Performance Space

The final movement of The Partita in D minor for solo violin by J.S. Bach, the Chaconne has been interpreted by every age and transcribed for virtually every instrument. In this collaborative project, Kristen and Steve attempt translation of the Chaconne to the piano and the page. 

Kristen Case will read excerpts from a writing project developed over the course of the last few months: a suite of 64 poems generated by a set of structural constraints derived from Bach’s composition of the Chaconne. Like Bach’s 64 4-measure variations, which revolve around the same four notes, the poems in this suite each revolve around the same four words. Accompanying the poems and in conversation with them is a second-person essay dealing with concepts of personhood, memory, and violence. Images from an artist-book in process will accompany the reading/performance. 

Steve Pane will perform his transcription of Bach’s Chaconne, a hybrid of the solo violin original and the piano transcriptions by Ferruccio Busioni. 


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