State of IT 2019 – US:IT Strategic Plan

US:IT teams have been partnering with University of Maine System leadership and campuses to implement solutions and systems that support uniformity and transparency across all campuses. Examples include:

  • Implementing a unified active directory (UAD)  across all campuses enabling all faculty, staff, and lab/classroom devices to be managed centrally.
  • Issuing standard computing devices with standard images at all campuses ensuring that any helpdesk agent or campus technician at any location can assist with University-owned devices.
  • Implementing a new and modern Learning Management System.
  • Implementing a unified OneCard experience for students, faculty, and staff across all campuses that will support the ability to use campus card funds for multiple services on any campus.
  • Installing uniform classroom technology equipment across all campuses to ensure ease of use for faculty and students, allowing support issues to be handled from any location.
  • Installing standard and uniform wireless infrastructure at all campuses.
  • Assisting campuses to migrate from out-dated telephony to modern Voice over IP (VoIP).
  • Assisting campuses to migrate from out-dated expensive video conferencing hardware to modern web conferencing software.