This website is the result of a statewide program initiated in 2014 by Wesley McNair, the poet laureate of Maine from 2011 to 2016. It features short videos of a selection of contemporary poets from the state. Additional poems by these and other Maine poets may be found in two anthologies McNair edited and published during his tenure: Take Heart: Poems from Maine, and Take Heart: More Poems from Maine, available online and at local bookstores. Watch this space for future links to three other statewide programs in poetry McNair initiated during his laureateship: Take Heart, The Maine Poetry Express, and Written Word, Spoken Word and Hip-Hop.

Please click here to access the gallery of poets.

Thanks to the following staff at the University of Maine at Farmington for technical assistance that made this site possible:
Tiffany Maiuri, David Rosen, Nickolas Bray, Zachary Sylvester, Jacqueline Rose, and especially, Tim Hupp, who edited these videos.
Thanks also to these organizations who helped further the goals of the McNair laureateship: the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance,
the Maine Arts Commission, and the Maine Humanities Council.

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