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Liam Grant, “Amoskeag” Album-Release Tour

Liam Grant concert poster

9/24/23: Guitarist LIAM GRANT, “Amoskeag” Album-Release Tour


Suggested donation: $10 for general admission, $5 for UMF students 

Liam Grant is an instrumental guitar player with a punk ethos cut from the American Primitive cloth, presenting a style of solo instrumental steel string guitar that combines techniques and melodies from country blues, jazz, old time music, and bluegrass, while borrowing from minimalism, hindustani classical, improvisational, drone, avant-garde, and experimental music. Originally from Maine with strong roots in Farmington and Industry, Grant’s new album is largely inspired by his family’s heritage in the state and includes tracks such as “Androscoggin River Ragg,” “Stratton-Eustis,” “Last Night on Dead River,” and “Kenduskeag.” His full length LP “Amoskeag” was released through Carbon Records and Feeding Tube Records in August 2023 -accompanied by a 7-in single with Spiral Joy Band via the Sound-O-Mat.

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