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Check out Emery’s Upcoming events:

COVID-19 Update: While our UMF campus arts venue remains closed, Emery Community Arts Center strives to continue its role as a space to honor, exhibit and support the artistic and creative force in our local community and beyond. We look forward to launching new exhibitions and arts programming online through our website and social media.


2020-2021 Previous Events:

4/21/21: Quarry Animal Zero Fold: The Chaconne Project

4/19/21: Arts Night Spring 2021

Fall 2020 – Spring 2021: Liminal Space

7/31/20: The Couch Jam Week 4: Lindsay Mower and Campfire Flicker Lights double-feature.

7/24/20: The Couch Jam Week 3: Draudiga and No Coffee double-feature.

7/17/20: The Couch Jam Week 2: Kait Frost and The Taylor Twins double-feature.

7/10/20: The Couch Jam Week 1: Brian Richmond and Tumbledown double-feature.

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