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Past Events


4/10/24: BeaverMoth, 7:30pm

4/4/24-4/7/24: UMF Theater presents Mina Loy’s “The Sacred Prostitute and Other Plays”

3/22/24: Concert: “Music from Italy,” 12:30pm

3/20/24: UMF Public Forum presents Changing How We Live On Earth: Perspectives on Sustainability, 7:00pm

3/7/24: Christine Correa Ensemble, “Just You Stand and Listen with Me: Songs of Protest and Resistance, 7:00pm

2/29/24: International Short Film Festival Screening: THE 23RD ANIMATION SHOW OF SHOWS, 7:00pm

2/15/24: Aaron Wyanski: An Evening of Improvised Piano Music, 7:00pm

2/7/24: UMF Public Forum presents The Promises and Perils of Artificial Intelligence, 7:00pm

2/7/24: Artist Talk with Markeith Chavous, 12:30pm

1/27/24: Arts Farmington presents Doug Protsik on “Old Time Piano,” 7:00pm

1/25/24: Opening Reception: Markeith Chavous, ‘the waves and the mantram, part 1,’ 5:00pm-7:00pm

1/24/24: UMF Public Forum presents An Evening of Poetry, 7:00pm

1/12-1/14 & 1/19-1/21: Sandy River Players present, “You Can’t Take it With You”


12/13/23: MAT177 3-D Printing Student Expo, 1:00pm

12/7/23 – 12/9/23: UMF Theater Workshop Production of “All the Good They Gave Us” and “Migratory Birds,” 7:00pm

11/15/23: UMF Public Forum featuring Dr. Patti Bailie, “Partnering with Nature: An Introduction to Nature Based Education,” 6:30pm

11/8/23: Diane Kruchkow, “How I became a literary rebel: The fascinating development of the small press movement in the 1970s, and my participation in it,” 12:30pm

10/25/23: UMF Public Forum featuring Dr. Tim Breton, “Making Waves with Big Ideas on Science Education and research in Western Maine,” 6:30pm

10/20/23: Rustica presents: “Making in Maine” Roundtable Discussion, 6:30pm

10/19/23: Traditional Native Storyteller Mike Dube with Singer Gaianne Dube, 6:30pm

10/18/23: ArtsFarmington presents, Lynn Vartan & Bridget Conway, 7:30pm

10/5/23: Opening Reception, “Inside Vision” 5:00pm-7:00pm

10/1/23: Sandy River Players presents, “3rd Annual Cabaret Night,” 2:30pm

9/27/23: UMF Internship Fellow Symposium, 12:30pm

9/26/23: BEAVERMOTH Live Storytelling Event, 7:30pm

9/24/23: Guitarist Liam Grant, “Amoskeag” Album-Release Tour, 7:00pm

9/20/23: The UMF Public Forum featuring Dr. James Melcher, “17th Annual UMF Supreme Court Preview and Review,” 6:30pm

9/20/23: Artist Talk with Annie Lee-Zimerle and Brian Zimerle, 1:00pm

9/7/23: Double-Feature Opening Reception for Annie Lee & Brian Zimerle Exhibition, and Elliott Schwartz Practice Rooms Project Sound Installation, 5:00pm-7:00pm

8/25/23: Emery Summer Concert Series presents, Dead Gowns, 7:00pm

8/6/23: Emery Summer Concert Series presents, Elena Ciampa & Friends, 2:00pm

7/29/23: Emery Summer Concert Series presents, Coleman Martin, 7:00pm

7/22/23: Improv Show featuring Teachers Lounge Mafia & You Should Smile More, 7:00pm

7/17, 7/18, 7/20 + 7/21/2023: Longfellow Young Writers Camp Events, 7:00pm

7/16/23: City Lights North Student Performance, 3:00pm

7/9/23-7/13/23: Maine Jazz Camp Faculty Concerts, 8:00pm

6/30/23: Emery Summer Concert Series presents, Lumus, 7:00pm

6/24/23: Opening Reception: “Dona Seegers: A Celebration of Art and Life,” 5:00pm-7:00pm

6/2/23 + 6/3/23: Thomas Performing Arts Center Dance Team Showcase, Fri. at 6:30pm and Sat. at 11:00am

5/13/23: Opening Reception: Mt. Blue High School Art Show, 2:00pm-4:00pm

4/28/23: Strangers Sing Acapella Concert, 7:00pm

4/25/23: Sound as Art: Student Showcase

4/19/23: UMF Symposium Day Events

4/18/23: UMF Arts Night

4/17/23: Pixel Hunter Student Film & Animation Festival, 7:00pm

4/15/23: MAN FROM PRETENTIA: Preview screening of Visiting Libra Scholar Chih-Hsuan Liang’s new documentary film, 7:00pm

4/14/23: ArtsFarmington presents storyteller Antonio Rocha, 7:00pm

4/11/23: Beaver Moth: Live Storytelling Event, 7:30pm

4/6/23 – 4/8/23: Theater Production: Small Mouth Sounds, 7:00pm

4/6/23: Opening Reception: Primordial Soup-BA in Visual Arts Thesis Exhibition, 4:30pm-7:00pm

3/29/23: Concert: Kyle Grimm, 7:00pm

3/24/23: Concert: Mali Obomsawin Sextet, 7:00pm

3/9/23: Artist Talk with Katie St. Clair and Tidelines Closing Reception, 4:30pm

3/8/23: Performance with Roger Zahab and Aaron Wyanski, Being Slowly Nowhere: Music of the New York School, 7:00pm

3/1/23: Intermission featuring Aaron Wyanski on piano, 11:45am-1:00pm

2/18/23: Concert: Darby Sabin, 7:00pm

1/12/23 – 1/14/23 & 1/20/23 – 1/22/23: Sandy River Players presents, Into the Woods


12/9/22: Film Screening: MASTER OF LIGHT + Holiday Letter Writing for Incarcerated Artists

12/8/22: Capoeira: History & Demonstration

12/5/22: “Delimited Space II,” featuring Aaron Wyanski on piano

12/1/22: “Banned Books-A Reader’s Theater Performances”

11/10/22: Film Screening- 22ND ANNUAL ANIMATION SHOW OF SHOWS

11/6/22: Concert – ArtsFarmington Presents: Timothy Burris, “The Presence of the Past”

11/4/22: Panel Discussion: “Outside In–Inside Out: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Incarceration”

11/3/22: Art Exhibition Opening Reception: Inside Vision: An Outside Exhibition of Inside Art

11/2/22: Panel Discussion: “Cultivating Care: Creating Meaningful Curriculum and Community”

10/27/22: Film Screening, I KNOW A MAN…ASHLEY BRYAN, directed by Richard Kane

10/18/22: Short Film Screenings and Presentations by UMF Students, “FYS100-Urban Maine: Stories and Sounds”

10/14/22: Keynote Lecture by James Phelan, “Close Reading and Narrative Medicine: Edwidge Danticat’s ‘Sunrise/Sunset'”

10/14/22: Paying Attention: A Celebration of Dan Gunn and the Practice of Close Reading

10/6/22: Late Wonders: Book Launch and Poetry Reading with Wesley McNair

10/4/22: Artist Talk with Barbara Sullivan

9/29/22: Art Exhibition Opening Reception: Barbara Sullivan, Forty + Years: A Retrospective 

9/18/22: Outdoor Concert – ArtsFarmington presents: “Song from Here”

9/9/22: Bread & Puppet Theater presents, “Our Domestic Resurrection Circus: Apocalypse Defiance”

9/8/22: UMF Creative Writing Faculty Reading

9/8/22: Double-Feature Art Exhibition Reception celebrating “Collaboration: The Power of Two” (Meredith Mustard and Judy (Foss) Tollefson) and “New Work” by Fred Dearnley

8/27/22: Free Outdoor Concert featuring Louisa Stancioff with Dead Gowns

8/7/22: ArtsFarmington presents: Buttonwood Trio Benefit Concert

7/15/22: Free Outdoor Concert featuring Lauren Crosby with Darby Sabin

7/9/22: “Meet the Artists Among Us” Gallery Talk 

6/25/22: Free Outdoor Concert featuring Nuclear Salad with Sagittarius Rising

6/17/22: Art Exhibition Opening Reception: The Art Among Us 2

6/16/22: Bloomsday: A Modernist Celebration

5/17/22: A Book Launch Trifecta featuring Jeffrey Thomson, Kathryn Miles and Bill Roorbach

4/27/22-5/2/22: A World of Monsters: An Honors 277H One-Week Pop-Up Exhibit

4/27/22: New Commons Project Lecture

4/25/22: New Commons Film Series: FANNIE’S LAST SUPPER

4/21/22 & 4/22/22: An Evening of Performance featuring Monologues & Robert Mearns’ one act play, Senior Prom

4/20/22: UMF Symposium Day

4/19/22: UMF Arts Night

4/18/22: Pixel Hunter Student Short Film & Animation Festival

4/14/22: Concert: “Tonight at Noon: Charles Mingus at 100” featuring Pianist Aaron Wyanski

4/8/22: NCP Keynote Lecture with Alissa Hessler, “Urban Exodus”

4/7/22: Book Launch: What Have I Done? by Carrie Close (UMF ’22)

4/7/22: Who We Are, What We Do: UMF Senior Art Exhibition Opening Reception

3/29/22 & 3/30/22: Concert: “A Performance of Piano Technologies: Strings, Hammers, and Digital Files,” featuring pianist Steven Pane

3/24/22: Screening: TRUTH TELLERS

3/23/22: Artist Talk with Huey Coleman

3/22/22: New Commons Film Series: BIGGEST LITTLE FARM

3/9/22: New Commons Project: Emily Dickinson Symposium

3/2/22: Dr. Kristen Case, “Making Nothing Happen: Emily Dickinson’s Poetic Magic”

3/1/22: Opening Reception: Departures: Peace Corps Pandemic Stories

2/24/22: New Commons Film Series: WILD NIGHTS WITH EMILY

2/23/22: New Commons Keynote: Rachel Lindsay, “PERSEPOLIS & the Graphic Memoir”

2/12/22: New Commons Film Series: PERSEPOLIS

2/7/22: Faculty Panel: “The Cultural Context of Persepolis”

1/27/22: Artist Talk with Dawn Nye


12/9/21-12/12/21: Death of a Salesman, Directed by Linda Britt

11/18/21: Screening – 21st Annual Animation Show of Shows

11/17/21: Aaron Wyanski, “Get Out and Horror Soundtracks”

11/12/21: An Evening of Poetry with Maine Poet Laureates Stuart Kestenbaum & Julia Bouwsma

11/10/21: New Commons Keynote Lecture: Kevin Wynter, “The Final Brother: On Horror and Black Survivability”

11/8/21: An Evening with Maine Inside Out: “We Do This For Them”

11/5/21: Michael Johnson, “GET OUT and the History of African Americans in Horror Films”

11/4/21: Presentation by Jan Collins (Assistant Director of the Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition) and a performance of an excerpt from the full-length play, For The Next Guy

11/4/21: Art Exhibition Opening Reception: sea/sky, blood, earth, you

11/3/21: Concert – Musical Temporalities: Bach’s Goldberg Variations and Anna Thorvaldsdottir’s Trajectories

11/2/21: Concert – Musical Temporalities: Bach’s Goldberg Variations and Anna Thorvaldsdottir’s Trajectories

11/2/21: Franklin County Community Action Meeting

10/28/21: Concert – Delimited Space: Aaron Wyanski in Recital

10/25/21: Shelton Waldrep, Lecture on David Bowie’s “Life on Mars?”

10/15/21: Dr. Darren J. Ranco, “Decolonizing the University through Place-Based Agreements with Tribal Nations”

10/14/21: New Commons Film Series: THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH

10/13/21: Panel Presentation, “#LandBack, Water Rights, and Decolonization in Wabanaki Territory”

10/7/21: Martha Mooke, “Mission: Imagination”

10/6/21: Stephen Grandchamp, “David Bowie 101: A Video Introduction to David Bowie”

9/22/21: Dawn Nye, “Facing Away Photography Workshop”

9/17/21: NCP Keynote Lecture with Henry Adams, “Andrew Wyeth’s ‘Christina’s World’ and King Vidor’s ‘The Big Parade'”

9/15/21: Ann Bartges and Kristen Case, “Discussion of ‘Reimagining the Real’ and ‘Christina’s World'”

9/3/21: Emery’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

9/2/21: Emery’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

9/2/21: Palette of the Forest Opening Reception

9/2/21: Reimagining the Real Opening Reception

4/21/21: Quarry Animal Zero Fold: The Chaconne Project

4/19/21: Arts Night Spring 2021

Fall 2020- Spring 2021: Liminal Space


7/31/20: The Couch Jam Week 4: Lindsay Mower and Campfire Flicker Lights double-feature.

7/24/20: The Couch Jam Week 3: Draudiga and No Coffee double-feature.

7/17/20: The Couch Jam Week 2: Kait Frost and The Taylor Twins double-feature.

7/10/20: The Couch Jam Week 1: Brian Richmond and Tumbledown double-feature.

2/28 + 2/29: Read Our Lips

2/21: (UN)DOCUMENTS by Jesus I. Valles

2/13: Animation Show of Shows

2/1: Droplet Dance with Molly Gawler and Lissa Schneckenburger

1/30: VOYAGER Opening Reception.


1/30: The National Bird: A performance by Arturo Herrera.


12/:10 UMF Project Gallery

12/9: Fall Student Music Performances

12/5: New Commons Project presents: Jericho Brown

12/4, 12/6 and 12/7: Bust-A-Move Beavers Fall Showcase

11/22: New Commons Project presents: James Baldwin Symposium

11/16: Frank Giampietro presents: Requiem for the Gettysburg Address

11/13: New Commons Project presents: Jonathan Gray

11/10: Bread & Puppet: The Essential Furthermore

11/9+11/10: Bread & Puppet Workshop

10/30: New Commons Project presents: Simpsons Roundtable

10/23: New Commons Project presents: Sabine Klein

10/22: Jeffrey Thomson: Half/Life–Book Launch and Film Preview of Blink

10/18: Western Maine Music Series presents: An Anderson

10/16: New Commons Project presents: Cheryl Savageau

*CANCELLED* 10/11: New Commons Project presents: Siobhan Senier

*MOVED*9/28: New Commons Project presents: Canoe Trip Slideshows

9/27 & 9/28: Sandy River Players presents: Court of Final Reckoning (A play by Anna Freeman)

9/27: New Commons Project presents: Lisa Brooks

9/20: Western Maine Music Series presents: Crunchcoat

9/12: Myth & Mirth Opening Reception, 5-7pm

6/20: Dyado Concert

6/14/19: Dreadful Unimaginings Opening Reception

5/16: Mt. Blue High School Student Art Exhibition Opening Reception

4/30: Lauren Crosby Concert

4/23: Arts Night

4/22: Pixel Hunter Student Film & Animation Festival

4/19: New Commons Roundtable on the Pastoral

4/18: New Commons Screening: In Search Of Beethoven

4/17, 4/19 & 4/20: Bust-A-Move Beavers Spring Showcase

4/17: Lecture with Dan Beachy-Quick

4/5: A Night with the Burton-Matthews-Drury Trio

4/4: Opening Reception: UMF Senior Exhibition

3/27: New Commons Project Keynote Lecture: C.R. Lawn 

3/14: New Commons Screening: SEED

3/13: Art on Campus: Patrick Casey

2/22-2/24: The Vagina Monologues

2/14: New Commons Screening: LOST BOYS OF SUDAN

2/9: ArtsFarmington presents: Buster Keaton’s film, The General with live piano accompaniment by Doug Protsik

1/31: Opening Reception: John Umphlett, Elements of Degradation

1/31: New Commons Project presents MILO

2/1: Artist Talk with John Umphlett


12/5: New Commons Project Lecture: Dan Gunn

11/28, 11/30, 12/1: BAM: Bust-A-Move Beaver’s Fall Showcase

11/28: New Commons Project Keynote: Wendy Lee

11/20: New Commons Project Performance: Anthony Green

11/7: New Commons Project Performance: Gustavo Aguilar Get Libre Collective

11/5: Artist Talk With Robert Shetterly.

11/1: New Commons Project Screening: Chasing Trane

10/31: New Commons Project: Anthony Davis Concert

10/25: American Dreams/Immigrations Stories AND Photo Journal Opening Reception (UPDATED EVENT)

10/10: Animation Show of Shows

10/10: New Commons Project Keynote: Nick Tobier

10/4: New Commons Project Screening: Exit Through the Gift Shop

10/3: Art on Campus Visiting Artist Talk- Lisa Weinblatt

9/26: TUG Collective: In Conversation with Sarah Maline

9/26: Visiting Speaker: David Ross

9/22:Torres Meets Tarrega: Music of Francisco Tarrego and Contemporaries. 

9/21: Inner Fragments: Presentation by curators Parisa Ghaderi and Mahsa Soroudi

9/19: New Commons Project Keynote: Brian Purnell and Jason Mittell

9/19: Art on Campus Visiting Artist Talk- H. Jennings Sheffield.(This event is cancelled.)

9/14: Fall Concert- Dominic Lavoie and Jeff Beam

9/7-9: Sandy River Players: Agnes of God

7/27: GoldenOak Concert

7/15-21: Longfellow Writer’s Camp Nightly Readings

7/14: City Lights

6/20: Concert on the Lawn: Dyado, Izaak Optaz & Oshima Brothers

5/18: Sue Farris: Nature Based Education: Green Chimneys

5/9: Bates Gamelan Concert

5/5: Fiddlehead Festival

5/4: Shana Youndahl: Coming of Age: An Honors 101 Exploration in Object, Dance and Video

5/1: ENG 277: Small Press Publishing and Book Arts Exhibition of Work

4/28: Bread & Puppet Theater: The Basic Bye-Bye Show

4/24: Arts Night

4/23: Pixel Hunter

4/11-14: Bust A Move Beavers

4/12: Book Authors Event

4/11: Artist Talk with Christopher McNulty

4/7: Body and Sold: Human Rights Script Reading

4/6: New Commons Project Nominations/Presentation 

3/31: Pihcintu Choir 

3/27: Public Classroom: Melissa Thompson

3/22-23: Immigration Stories: Play by Linda Beck

2/27: Public Classroom: Meredith Swallow 

2/23: V-day: Vagina Monologues

2/16: Artist Talk with Katrina Majkut

2/14: Audrey Chen and Phil Minton

1/30: Public Classroom: Frank Underkuffler 

1/27: Michael Cooper







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