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6/21/24-9/20/24: The Thinking Hand

5/16/24-6/1/24: Artful Antics: Mt. Blue High School Art Show

4/11/24-5/4/24: By Any Means Necessary: 2024 Visual Art BA Senior Exhibition

1/25/24-3/7/24: Markeith Chavous, ‘the waves and the mantram, part 1’


10/5/23-11/16/23: Inside Vision: An Outside Exhibition of Inside Art

9/7/23-11/2/23: Annie Lee and Brian Zimerle, “I don’t like gardening, but I do it anyway, mostly for my neighbors.”

9/1/23-9/30/23: Elliott Schwartz Memorial Practice Rooms Project Sound Installation 

6/24/23-8/5/23: Dona Seegers: A Celebration of Art and Life

5/13/23-6/3/23: Mt. Blue High School Art Show: Celebrating Creativity!

4/6/23-5/6/23: Primordial Soup: BA in Visual Arts Thesis Exhibition

1/26/23-3/9/23: Katie St. Clair, Tidelines


11/3/22-12/9/22: Inside Vision: An Outside Exhibition of Inside Art

9/29/22-12/10/22: Barbara Sullivan, Forty + Years: A Retrospective 

8/29/22-10/14/22: New Work by Fred Dearnley

8/12/22-9/16/22: Collaboration: The Power of Two featuring Meredith Mustard and Judy (Foss) Tollefson

6/17/22-7/29/22: The Art Among Us 2

5/16/22-6/9/22: The Act of Seeing: An Exhibition of Photographs by UMF Students

4/27/22-5/2/22: A World of Monsters: An Honors 277H One-Week Pop-Up Exhibit

4/7/22-5/7/22: Who We Are, What We Do: UMF Senior Exhibition

3/1/22-3/10/22: Departures: Peace Corps Pandemic Stories

1/27/22-3/9/22: Dawn Nye, American Conversations: Short Films and Artifacts


11/1/21-12/9/21: sea/sky, blood, earth, you

9/2/21-10/21/21: Reimagining the Real

8/30/21-10/8/21: Palette of the Forest

4/8/21-5/7/21: Unusual Articles

2/8/21-3/18/21: Through The Looking-Glass


8/31/20-10/1/20: Farm Tools Project

6/25/20-7/23/20: DETOUR

1/30/20-3/6/20: VOYAGER: Migrational Narratives

1/9/2020-2/7/2020: Art Madness


11/18/19- 12/6/19: What’s the Game?

8/26/19-11/9/19: Myth & Mirth

6/14/19 – 8/2/19: Dreadful Unimaginings

5/16/19-6/1/19: Mount Blue High School Student Art Exhibition

4/4/19-5/11/19: UMF Senior Exhibition

1/31/19-3/8/19: Elements of Degradation


11/7/18-12/12/18: Painting Off the Wall

9/20/18-11/1/18: Inner Fragments

8/20/18-9/13/18: Contradictions

6/22/18-8/10/18: GoldLEAF Institute: The Art Among Us

5/17/18-6/1/18.: Mt. Blue High School: Art Explorations

4/5/18-5/13/18: Senior Thesis Exhibition: Feint

2/8/18-3/9/18: UMF Faculty Exhibition: Rough Drafts


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