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What’s the Game?

A wall of student portraits from "What's the Game?"

Flex Space Gallery: on view from November 18 – December 6, 2019
Free and open to the public.
What‘s the Game?” features projects created by students in HONORS 277A – Drawing and the Self, with Professor Tom Jessen. “What’s the game?” was a question we frequently entertained while looking at the various assignments throughout the semester. The idea was that drawing (or making any kind of art), is not unlike game play – the artist establishes rules that are based upon a kind of understood logic, there are either conscious or unconscious goals toward a resolution, and the artist “plays” within these parameters through a variety of choices. Adopting this perspective about the process of making art not only changes the way the maker engages with their own work, but simultaneously interrogates historical preconceptions about the myth and heroics of the artist as high priest, situated above the pedestrian fray and resting on the laurels of “talent” that the everyday person does not possess. If the essence of drawing is a trace or remnant of a gesture, action or even thought, than the most modest of acts can constitute “drawing,” regardless of who performs them. Throughout the semester we kept reevaluating the definition of drawing, expanding it beyond that of merely pushing a pencil around on paper.

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