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“Outside In–Inside Out: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Incarceration”

Outside In-Inside Out poster

Panel Discussion: “Outside In–Inside Out: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Incarceration”

Friday, November 4th

11:45-1:00pm, Emery Performance Space

Free and open to the public

Please join Jan Collins of the Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition, UMF professors Cara Furman (Early Childhood & Elementary Education) and Nicole Kellett (Anthropology), and educator Cassidy Marsh (UMF ’18) for an analytical and forward-thinking discussion on practices of discipline and incarceration, with insights drawn from their academic research, field experience and activism.


Dr. Cara Furman, Associate Professor of Education

The links between schools and prisons are widespread, manifesting in a broad range of actions including prison budgets set from early reading scores, increased police presence in schools, and police involvement in school-related infractions. In this talk Dr. Furman zooms in on the way in which children and teachers are acculturated into a culture of prisons through commonplace management and disciplinary tactics. Where Furman begins by surfacing this acculturation, the focus of her talk builds on qualitative interviews with in-service teachers to showcase how teachers in their daily practice can rebel against these pervasive norms.

Cassidy Marsh (UMF ’18), Detention Center Educator

Integrating Toward a Trauma-Informed Classroom: As instructors and educators, being cognizant of invisible disabilities is crucial for creating and sustaining a healthy learning environment for our schools and community. Cassidy Marsh examines the link between undiagnosed mental illness and incarceration and how to be proactive for our at-risk students.

Dr. Nicole Kellett, Professor of Anthropology

Incarceration, as well as reentry is an incredibly gendered phenomenon. Dr. Kellett will be drawing from in-depth ethnographic research with incarcerated women on their challenges reentering their communities.

Jan Collins (UMF ’88), Assistant Director of the Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition 

The Peaceable Kingdom: Alternatives to Incarceration. Jan Collins considers how we can avoid creating victims, heal those who are victimized, overcome shame, create accountability and embrace radical love.

This event is being offered in conjunction with the art exhibition: Inside Vision: An Outside Exhibition of Inside Art, on view in Emery Community Arts Center from November 3 – December 10, 2022. 

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