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Arts Night 2021

Arts Night 2021


Emery Performance Space and Lobby


Announcement of 2021-22 Elsie C. Grote Award Recipient

This competitive scholarship is awarded annually to a “full-time junior or senior female student, of meritorious academic standing, with preference given to those who have exhibited proficiency in one of the creative arts.”

Samantha Taylor: A Concept OST

Developing the sounds of a video game that doesn’t exist, Samantha Taylor takes advantage of the genre of video game music to produce a large quantity of theme-based compositions. If this game were to be developed, it would closely follow the story of two characters through their journey against each other and the world around them. The music, displayed virtually on Bandcamp, will also be explained by Samantha Taylor during Arts Week.

For Films Sake!: Screening of Short Films by Grant Forbes and Sam MacDonald

In conjunction with the exhibition, Unusual Articles: 2021 Senior Show, senior art majors Grant Forbes and Sam MacDonald will screen a selection of their short films.

These films are ridiculous, nonsensical, and just wacky, for lack of a better word. They are easy to watch and digest mentally, while offering a unique perspective on that internal world we create for ourselves in how we interact with the outside one, projecting mentally on how we view it in different ways, from how we interact with it, to how the things within it interact with each other. 

Routines of Home: Eliza Robinson

Routines of Home is an installation exploring the subject of home and all of the forms that can take. This audio and visual performance piece uses technical elements in place of performers. 



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