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Announcing Room/System Types and Classroom and Audiovisual Technology Definitions

The UMS:IT Academic Technology team in collaboration with the campus’ IT Support Services teams is pleased to provide Room/System Types and Classroom and Audiovisual Technology Definitions. .  The goal of this effort was to develop a common language for the various room and audiovisual systems that have been installed throughout the University of Maine System.  The effort began in late fall of 2022 with a small group and was completed with generous input from all of the campuses’ Registrar’s Offices, Facilities Management, Instructional Design teams, and faculty.  While the initial work has been completed, these documents will be consistently updated with any technology changes that get adopted for the classrooms, conference rooms and event spaces in the future.  

Room/System Types 

Classroom and Audiovisual Technology Definitions


(Content for this article was provided by Angela Cook, Director of Academic Technology)

Managed Print Services

As of July 1st, 640 Xerox devices have been deployed at UMS locations across the State of Maine.  The Managed Print Services project has been completed and the service is operational.

The new Xerox Multifunction devices installed throughout the University of Maine System along with new software provide a consistent user experience for printing, copying, scanning, and faxing.

Program Highlights

  • 640 Xerox devices have replaced 732 Canon that were 7+ years old
  • 92% of the Xerox devices are color capable (compared to 20% of the older devices)
  • Printing and Copying Statistics
    • 10,115 users have printed or copied
    • 72% of jobs are grayscale
    • 65% of jobs are duplexed
    • 73% of jobs are based on Printing
    • 4,523,426 Pages have been printed since January 1st, 2023
    • 112,119 Pages were printed on August 28th, 2023

Graph depicting the total number of pages copied per day from January 1, 2023 to October 13, 2023 shows increasing growth over that time period with a spike of 112,119 pages on 8/28/23.

  • Better for the environment!  
    • Find-Me printing reduces waste by not printing jobs that are not really needed.  Our print management software tracks these important metrics.

Data reflecting the number of pages printed to date and what it equates to in Value Saved: $19,600; Trees Saved: 29.15; CO2 Saved: 3,084.5 kg; and bulb hours: 193,126 hours

To get more information, please visit Managed Print Services (Xerox) Implementation FAQ’s


(Content for this article was provided by the End User Technology Team)

Repaving MaineStreet

The Road to the Future

What’s happened since the last update?

Oracle Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) HR project 

The HCM project team is completing the data conversions and application configurations required for HCM App2.0 Review sessions that are now scheduled to begin in early November.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Finance project

The ERP Project Team has completed the App1.0 Review and Self-Guided Review sessions for all modules (General Ledger, Cash Management, Accounts Receivable, etc.). The team is applying configurations to the Oracle Cloud application, including the new Chart of Account structure that Drivestream will demo during the App2.0 Review sessions planned to begin in early November.

MaineStreet Campus Solutions (CS) Reimplementation project 

The Business Process (BPA) sessions that ERP Analysts (ERPA), our CS reimplementation partner, conducted with UMS functional area staff are nearly complete and sessions with faculty are scheduled for early October. The sessions are geared toward staff who are Campus Solutions experts within their functional areas (e.g., Admissions, Student Records, Financial Aid, Advising, etc.). The objectives of the sessions were to:

  • Gain a more comprehensive understanding of how users use Campus Solutions (the day-to-day experience).
  • Identify MaineStreet customizations that can be replaced by delivered functionality and those that should remain.
  • Develop recommendations on implementing underutilized or new functionality.
  • Develop recommendations of how the system could benefit by incorporating more complimentary technical tools in Campus Solutions to improve the student, faculty, and staff user experience.
  • Discuss possible business process improvements and best practices.

ERPA recently shared its initial set of recommendations with the UMS, which is the culmination of nearly a year of discovery work. The project team is currently developing a framework to review, prioritize, and make decisions regarding the recommendations, which will inform the design and project plan. See the Campus Solutions Discovery Phase Report for additional information on the Discovery Phase sessions and resulting recommendations.

What’s Next?

  • October 4 & 5: Faculty Campus Solutions Reimplementation Business Process Assessment Sessions
  • Mid-October: Begin review and prioritization of ERPA’s Campus Solutions recommendations
  • Late October – Early November: Oracle Cloud HCM App2.0 Review sessions
  • Late November: Oracle Cloud ERP App2.0 sessions

What Can You Do?

  • Visit the project website for more information, including access to project presentations and recordings, FAQs, a project glossary, information about project timelines, etc.
  • Submit questions and input about the project via the project input form.


(Content for this article was provided by the Repaving MaineStreet Implementation teams )