IT Projects


Accommodate Implementation

Accommodate, the solution to automate, simplify, and track the approval and delivery of student accommodations, has been successfully implemented for the Fall semester! Students and faculty will now have the opportunity to utilize a common request and delivery system for note-taking requests, effectively manage disability exam proctoring, and provide students with greater independence in the process of scheduling and receiving accommodated testing.


Advancement CRM Implementation

Core team members and subject matter experts are currently configuring and testing Prospect Research, Prospect Management, and Stewardship/Endowments Sprints.

Data conversion and validation from the Advance system to Ascend are also underway.

Sprints will continue through Fall 2023 followed by integration, testing, training, conversion, and deployment. The anticipated go-live of the ascend product is scheduled for Summer 2024.

Peoplesoft Gender & Pronoun Implementation

This project has been completed and the closeout meeting took place in late September. The remaining post-implementation work includes analyzing several third-party integration opportunities to use gender and pronoun data.

Students, faculty, and staff should now be able to access and feel confident that the representation expressed in UMS systems or activities of record (Systems: HR, Academic, and other fed by MaineStreet, Activities: Marketing, Citing, etc.) accurately reflects gender and can be edited via self-service.


RecTrac Implementation

RecTrac by Vermont Systems was selected as the Campus Recreation Management Solution. This project will implement RecTrac for campuses that opt-in. RecTrac will be implemented as a single shared database instance. The work will be completed in phases in the following order: UM/UMM, UMF, USM, UMA, UMFK, and UMPI.

The UM/UMM and UMF campuses are currently focused on updating their coding structures before migrating to the cloud; those migrations are now targeted for the first week in December. UMA, UMFK, UMPI, and USM teams have begun the process of populating the required data in preparation for implementation. Analysis of hardware requirements has also begun. Selecting a payment processing gateway is currently behind schedule and may impact go-live.

UMaine/UMM MaineStreet Integration

UMaine and UMaine Machias are involved in operationalizing the regional campus concept by incorporating UMM as a regional campus of UMaine. This project will incorporate UMaine and UMaine Machias into a single institution in MaineStreet (UMaine – UMS05) by integrating UMM (UMS04) course, program, student, and employee data under UMaine.

  • The Student Records team is working towards migrating UMM student data to UMaine. The team has also adjusted the Program/Plan stack based on testing feedback from the Financial Aid and Admissions.
  • The Admissions team worked with ERPA to move the Accept, Deny, and Honors letters and the honors activity guide into production.
  • The Financial Aid team continues to test SAP processing and is working with the UMS:IT Development team to develop a batch process that will override SAP status.
  • The Student Financials team has confirmed that Admissions Deposits are functioning as expected and Applicants can select deposit charges for UMaine and UMM via Touchnet.
  • The Reporting team is assessing impacts on campus and system-level reports that will require logic changes.

UMPI Website

Site technical development and training are nearly complete, and content entry is underway. The project is currently on schedule for a December go-live.

2019 DLT RUS Grant

Cart delivery should be completed by the end of October, and the remaining work for this project will be completed by late fall. The project will close out by year-end.


2020 DLT RUS Grant

Northern Light has confirmed the equipment ordered through Amwell, and we await the release of matching funds from Northern Light. Once the Grants and Finance team releases funds, we can proceed with the Purchase Order for the equipment.

Equipment installation has started at UMF. UMM installation has been completed, but one location may be moved. UMaine Dunn rooms have been completed. Two rooms remain at UMFK, and one room remains at UMPI.