IT Projects


Atlassian Retirement Project

Atlassian (the company that provides Jira and Confluence) ended support for server-based instances of their products on February 15, 2024. As a result, these products became more vulnerable to security breaches or exploits. To help mitigate this risk, access to Confluence and Jira was restricted to campus network addresses.

Any inventory of Confluence Spaces and Jira projects took place and the team has sent a Google form to those who created or last modified spaces and projects. Based on the results, the team will move forward with purging, archiving, or providing guidance for transitioning to TeamDynamix.

Advancement CRM Implementation

The team is making good headway with permissions testing. Data Conversion meetings occur weekly and technical team members are running Advance sample data and mapping to ascend. Campus reps are validating data and check-in meetings occur every Tuesday.

The SIS data import file will be finalized soon and Financial integration meetings are underway. A meeting will be scheduled this week with the iModules technical reps to discuss the iModules integration with ascend.

Reporting database work continues so the campuses can report on multiple objects within ascend. This will be ready by June so technical team members can create queries and test the database.

The timeline for going live is currently under review. The remaining tasks are being evaluated so adjustments can be made to the overall timeline and project plan.



RecTrac Implementation

RecTrac by Vermont Systems was selected as the Campus Recreation Management Solution. This project will implement RecTrac for campuses that opt-in. RecTrac will be implemented as a single shared database instance. The work will be completed in phases in the following order: UM/UMM, UMF, USM, UMA, UMFK, and UMPI.

The project team is currently focused on staging WebTrac sites for several campuses, final data feed adjustments, and bringing UMM online with PayTrac. The project is expected to be closed out this month, with the understanding that there will be several post-implementation tasks to complete.


UMPI Website

This project will move UMPI’s public website from its current instance of WordPress to the UMS-supported WordPress instance. A complete redesign of the UMPI public-facing website is required to best support its student recruitment goals. Migrating from the current, separate instance of WordPress to the UMS-supported WordPress instance will also shift the technical support and maintenance responsibilities from the campus to UMS:IT.

The technical development is complete and the functional team remains focused on content development for the website. Go live is on schedule for July 2024.

Watermark Transition to Student Learning and Licensure Platform

The UMA, UMF, UMaine and USM campuses are transitioning from Watermark’s TK20 and Taskstream to its Student Learning and Licensure product (SLL).

The Watermark SLL data import files for UMA, UMF, UMaine, and USM have been completed and campuses have uploaded these files to the system.

Integration work between SLL and Brightspace has been completed.

SSO is also needed for all four campuses. However, Watermark currently uses email addresses for SSO and UMS has indicated that email addresses change and a unique identifier is required. This will also impact the import. The team has a meeting with the Watermark technical team on 5/10/24 to discuss this further.

Campuses representatives will begin their Design & Build work once the technical issues have been resolved.

2020 DLT RUS Grant

Work under the 2020 DLT RUS Grant is continuing and is about 75% complete. Northern Light has received carts and has been billed for matched funds per the Grant.

A mobile unit is planned in the UMaine Dunn room and a decision needs to be made on which room to place the unit. The remaining work at UMFK will be completed this summer.

A scope change will be completed soon and sent to the USDA for approval.