Tips and Tricks


Expired or Lost Your Password?

You may have previously used the website  to change your password, but did you know that you don’t need to remember your previous password to use self-service? In fact, you can use the “Recover a lost password” utility to fill in your seven-digit ID number, and username (in all lowercase!), and pick one of two methods to recover. These tools work even if your password is in an expired state! In addition, the Navigation sidebar to the left has many helpful links, including Account Lifecycle (how long users retain accounts) and When an Employee Leaves (offboarding procedures).

Brightspace Notifications Galore!

Have you ever received emails from old courses or elective enrollments? You are in luck today, as Brightspace has a “hidden” notification filter system! After clicking your name in the top right, a menu with “Notifications” opens. By clicking there, you can control the kinds of alerts you receive, whether by email or text, and most importantly, you can choose to blacklist old, unnecessary courses. Farewell to Brightspace email clutter!

MaineStreet Blues?

Problems accessing MaineStreet? Welcome to the club! The most effective resolution is to clear cache and cookies for all time in your web browser. Clicking multiple links is a good idea. If you reach an expired access page or a blue login, close the tab and try again. You would only want a white login page if anything. You can also try an incognito/Private browsing window. That clears up the majority of issues!


(Content for this page was provided by Caneel Cheskin, IT Specialist CL2)