Tips and Tricks


Accounts & More!

You may have previously used the website to change your password, but did you know that website has many other functions? You can also alter your email address (“Change your UMS user account username”) or get a six-month account extension if your email is slated for deprovisioning (“Defer Account Deactivation”) from the main page. The Navigation sidebar to the left also has a lot of helpful links to information, including Account Lifecycle (how long users retain accounts) and “When an Employee Leaves (offboarding procedures)”!

Zoom-y Logins!

Have you recently used Zoom? If not, you may not know that our login method changed during Summer 2022! For increased security, email addresses now must log into Zoom using SSO (Single Sign-On). You just need to click the “SSO” key icon under the email/password login (which won’t work anymore), input your credentials, and watch the magic happen! You’ll be prompted to log in again less frequently than before and have the bonus of added security!



If you’re not overly familiar with IT and how our ticketing system “JIRA” works, our whole “T” obsession might look downright bizarre! No fear: the T is for “Tier.” T1 is the help desk in general, so if we’re chatting on the phone after you call our number, we’re probably T1! T2 is campus support, including service for classrooms and managing equipment like computers and docking stations. T3 consists of many specialized teams who do the work T1 and T2 aren’t able to or aren’t cleared for. 

Old Brightspace Classes Got You Down?

Have you been getting emails from old courses or elective enrollments? Brightspace may be cluttered in some areas, but they have a ruthless notification filter system! By clicking your name in the top right, you can open a menu with “Notifications” listed. There you can control the kinds of alerts you receive, whether as email or text, as well as blacklist old, unnecessary, courses. Bye-bye email clutter!

Can’t Find an Article in the Knowledge Base That You Know is There?

It may be because you are not logged in to the Knowledge Base (KB). Particular articles are only visible to logged-in users.  To log in, click “Sign In” in the upper right of any page in the Knowledge Base.

Leave Feedback!

 If something does not make sense or you can’t find an answer in the IT Knowledge Base, leave us feedback!  (If you want us to get back to you please remember to log in first so we know who you are.)  We depend on feedback to improve the Knowledge Base and ultimately help you to help yourself!  

(Content for this page was provided by Caneel Cheskin, IT Specialist CL2 and Andy Moody, Manager of Campus Networking)